Advance-or-Afterward: All is told now with this climax the previous (sketch), of the holding that came more or less in "The Soldiers of Nirut," and his histories, of which this is the 6th and crucial history, for all the histories united relate of the modern times and places of Nirut's life, and even on how he perished. Yet men spoke of him thenceforth give way the orbit of the Galaxy; immortal they design he was, and abundant musing he was immortal, but he again proved them inaccurate. His regard came because he had conquered SSARG, the one and single celestial body that was unconquerable, remaining than Siren the Great, gaining control it preceding to him, yet it was by her friendships near the Vipers and Rats, she did so, and her fable broad intersecting the heavenly body similar to a storm. In Nirut's case, it was an invasion, and job.

But even heroes approaching Nirut, looked up to others, like to Siren, as he did, done clip and wished to escape their shadows inwardly time, thus, it was at modern world for Nirut a acute empty, which he tested to crawl by this one man, one ground forces conquest, the one his father could not do, material he could not do, and did not do. As a result, the traditional knowledge masters, have yet to make clear to their stories, mayhap they will be more helpful than I. And so we see an old aggregation lay down swing as a new one comes in, as normally as it is said, and I shall say it again, regulation is inevitable.

And now for the ultimate history on Nirut:

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The Invasion

Map of the Geography of SSARG (22, 483 BC)

Under the shogunate of the Blue King, the well-fixed got richer, man's family on Lihterb acquired and accrued treble their past fortunes, compared to those who subordinate Lihterb before him; bliss prevailed for the utmost part, but if you were resistant him, unkind revenge, he was King of the Lands, his society multiplied their possessions, and in the modus operandi created powerful engines, towers, buildings, spaceships, and flew now wherever, whenever they wished.

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Nirut's armies had now arrived on Retina, with his vicious men of war, to invade SSARG. General Niruh, the ordinal son to the Blue King, was under Nirut's dictate.

"The life will now be darkened on SSARG, we will descend," he told Yahoo, his bodyguard, General Adviser, and the strongest of men. "We must invade, up to that time all disquiet is lost," same the sovereign.

"If I discovery any much betrayers," aforementioned Yahoo the Strong, "I will hide them to their heads, and let the ducks and the Tor-rats decision making them to annihilation."

(The artificial satellite now were in the air-heading into space, two-hundred and 50 of them, 10,000-infintry soldiers, one to come to rest in the desert, others in the grasslands, not moving others on the Bear Mesas.)

"I will go to the south, later north and after west, and spinal column to the south," aforesaid General Niruh, to his blood brother Nirut.

End of the World

Said Niruh, in a most agitating manner, "I have money my plans, I will go to the northwest instead, the accept mesas, and putting to death the lot of them, after rearrangement to the west, were Jason is feat his ethnic group for his army, out of the pothole dwellers, preclude the progress, and consequently step to the south, to the grasslands and the Quiet Mound, and if it is vacate, the fortress, I will craft tasteless here and loaf for you my king," consequently he added, "I counsellor you brother, ferment yourselves, and the spacecrafts to territory by the Quiet Mound, here we can lay in loaf for the remains of the armies!"

(The king listened, and command his store longer, he knew it was not going to be so swift, and hands-down as his male sibling proclaimed, it ne'er is, but he smiled, coloured his shoulder, as if to say, 'sure,' and bid him word of farewell. He knew near would have to be a longstanding march to the Quiet Mound, simply because they would have to wipe dry the tribes in the desert, one by one, and actuation on from there, and their orbiter could not be long in the godforsaken coast and winds and spread to operate properly, but he aforementioned no of this to his blood brother. Yahoo would be in the desert, and time would tell, on near another all-purpose.)

Jason the Wizard, saw the space vehicle landing, descending, aforesaid (troubled) "...because of the war Nirut now plots, my domain to be will not be started until after he leaves, or we flatten him."

One commonly thinks in war, numbers outweigh everything, and he could get more troops, mayhap to synonymous Nirut's, if merely specified enough juncture. But he was not trained as a warrior, or general, or trendsetter in particular, and unnoted Nirut's capabilities.

Answered Grleg (wife to Jason the Wise, in the beginning from the Shadow Lands, who had at liberty the abode, for he was a phantom within a unconscious body, on SSARG; Grleg was interpreted from her male parent by Jason, as was Sun, her sister, and in juncture would unite Scro of Lihterb, by dictation of Nirut), aforesaid Grleg, to Jason, "It is in good health we expulsion the desert, try to junction forces with Terb either on the way or at the Quiet Mound, near we can clash the intense forces of Nirut." (If anything, Grleg had scholarly a state of affairs or two of war, her father was e'er active person in his territorial division.)

(SSARG, the penetration seemed to be the end of the world for them-them being, the crossbred creatures and humanoids on the planet, the sky was complete next to ships landing present and at hand in the misty of the period of time.)

General Niruh

There were storms and hammer winds throughout the whole heavenly body of SSARG the dark Nirut's spacecraft were to land, and were landing on the celestial body. Out of the 250-spacecraft, singular 150-were competent to land, something like 25 were destroyed, and seventy-five turned support to Retina. As Nirut looked at the situation, he murmured: ' expected, what could happen, often does arise...' and barrel his head, but that or null would avert him from conquest the planet, with the exception of his alteration.

Two grave greyish shaded clouds emerged over and done with the platform expanse of Nirut's ships, upon the Bear-mesas. Many of the men were anxious to get out of their spaceships, the bears were whatever xiii feet tall, could put your foot on their posterior legs-clumsy, but however locomotion nearly upright, probably 2000-pounds each, suntanned hourlong fur, high and degrade teeth extended outward cardinal inches or so, not allowing them to adpressed their mouths altogether.

As possibly 400-of them stood outside the ships, whatsoever provoking to bear down on the ships ended over, as the storms produced lightening, and loud roars, Niruh was unshaken by all this, and he colorful a piercing poisonous mark into one of the beasts, and it roughshod dead, newly like that-so spartan it seemed. When the midday sleep of the soldiers saw this, their fearfulness evaporated. Had the full-length 250-ships landed, they would have destroyed all of the bears, but because of the storm, and removal of ships, they killed 2000-bears that evening, almost 50-percent of its population, and readied themselves to come first onto the western part of a set of the planet.

(And so the freshman work time of the incursion was not perfect, what could go misguided did, but their were many a victories.)

Battle Ready

After the fighting with the bears, the soldiers of Nirut, their suspicion was diminished, and they were arrayed for battle, in vein formation, armed near military action gear; those that landed in the desert, were tolerant the sky's fry as General Yemen, landed low the morning's radiating red orb.

In the grasslands, the ships undone into the bog, yet the soldiers at liberty to dry house near a few snake bites, the penetration was in progress-and it would not stop until total success.

Accordingly, day of reckoning was to plunge upon the masses, but it would not be quick; yesteryear would not record it comparatively suchlike that. Nirut's military service would be shredded, as he would do the same to the total planet, and in the process, Lihterb would be controlled by the Western King, other brawl to be. Nonetheless, that prototypical warfare victory, Nirut's soldiers drank and ate in laughter, and mirth, and near it came auditory communication and dance, and they were prompt for the adjacent.

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