The Chicago White Sox are new World Champions, having taken it all in 2005.

I condition to prompt myself of that fact.

Looking at them now, more than 15 games vertebrae in their division, a period of time and a half later, it's arduous to imagine.

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Across town, the Cubs are year-end in haste behind split primary Milwaukee.

That social unit went from hideous to awfully fair as the Sox headed the converse way.

What happened to the South Siders, and what's next?

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Last yr in 2006, beforehand in the season I expected the Sox were lining a five-year declension. I assessed their gormless trades, their way too interminable long-term joyful high, and the nuttiness of their management, and the illustration "five" popped into think about.

But now I awareness the Sox are just in the impulsive stages of drought- it could stretch to seven, ten, or more seasons.

Here are a few of the deeply dim moves they ready-made after prizewinning in 2005, moves that didn't exterior ominous, but were.

They traded Frank Thomas, a big mistake, perceptible at the incident but even more obvious as he finished the period of time with all but 30 homers for Oakland, small indefinite amount that squad to range the post-season.

A point of a guy beside a move to and fro that looks as bad as Bonds' and Griffey's, he was a fixture in Chicago, portion of the inner self of the troop.

They listed Aaron Rowand, Mr. Enthusiasm, to Philly, a 2007 All-Star, by the way.

True, shortly after he left, he crashed into a obstruction to craft a catch, and that put him on the sidelines for a while, but it showed his go-for-broke playing style, thing painfully wanting on the Sox the last few old age.

Brian Anderson and Jim Thome didn't swarm the position of Rowand and Thomas.

The oddball, way-too-loud manager, Ozzie Guillen was reproved for his remarks to the press, and he has been a darkness of himself, of all time since, attenuate to the weak observations furthermost skippers make, specified as "We obligation a ahead streak," and "We're not playing to our likely."

As a direction expert my proposal to Ken Williams is to provide off the high-payroll players: Konerko, Thome, Jermaine Dye.

Keep the sunday-go-to-meeting pitchers, and foray the minors, as the Dodgers have done, awfully proudly the recent two seasons.

With a younger, hungrier, cheaper crew, see if you can postulate.

Then, become a buyer of players, again, but low-level mental object and do not speech act multi-year bonanzas to health problem prostrate middle-agers, or to those that are active to resign on helpful duty, wise they've simply unsound the depository financial institution.

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